Friday, August 12, 2016

5x Skills

Hey guys ,welcome back to another blog post. Hope you guys are having a lovely day

For a while I have be working on my five time tables. It is very easy once you have the hang of it really. Hope you are having a lovely day. It goes like this.

5x1 5
5x2 10
5x3 15
5x4 20
5x5 25
5x6 30
5x7 35
5x8 40
5x9 45
5x10 50
5x11 55
5x12 60

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Guess what poem?

Hi guys,
Welcome back to another blog post, hope you like my learning.I hope you had a fun weekend and if you had sports, hope you had fun. Here is a poem. See if you can guess what kind it is!

Funny, Helpful, Fast
Sister of Brock
Daughter of Tina, Hamish
Lover of Hockey, Family, Sharks
Who fears Heights, Big Pigs, My Poppa  
Who needs Family, Hockey, Pets
Who wishes for More time at school, More sports, See the Hawks win a basketball game   
Who would like to see Peter Snell
Who gives Kindness, Love, Food to people when they do not have anything to eat
Citizen  of Hastings, New Zealand

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Remember if you aren't smiling, you are doing it WRONG.

Monday, August 1, 2016

The holidays

How was your holiday? Was it good?
Hope you used that time well.
Did you spend time with family?

Put all of your answers in the comments 

I think I should tell you what I did in the holidays.

Alright. It all started when the school bell rang. Ring ring ring ring. All of the kids were excited to go home. Well I was. So I grabbed my bike and rushed out the school gate, all pumped up. Then it all started. When my brother came home from school, the fight started to came as quick as possible. Mum said to me "Really the school holidays already!" We started to pack and then mum told us to get in the car with our bags. We are going today. Brock and I were really shocked that we were leaving right after school, (BEST MUM EVER MOMENT). Then we made it to Taupo and then two more hours to go. We have got to a stop. I was asleep. Mum came to Bennydale and then we met Shirley at the Bennydale sign. And then the fun begin as soon as mum drove off...