Thursday, November 17, 2016

Three little pigs

Hey guys welcome back to another blog post. Hope you guys are having a lovely day. Here is a little piece of my writing

Here are is a tip

After a full stop do not put and
E: .And

 Here is my story

Once upon a time there were three
little pigs Howey Dowley and Lowey.
Even though they were only 11 there
rooms were always a mess. So there
Mum Tina told them to go and
build their own houses.

Sadly the pigs walked off. The first
little piglet built his house out of straws.
The second little piglet made it  out of
sticks and the third little piglet is making
his house of bricks. Along came the big bad wolf  
Barry. The little piglets got really really
scared so they ran into their houses.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” said all
the piglets.

The wolf went to the first house that
was made out of straws.
The wolf said ”I will huff and I'll puff your
house down”. The little piglet said “NOT BY
MY CHINNY CHIN CHIN” The wolf got angry.
He then said “BOO” then blew down the house.
The little pigs ran to his brothers house “LET ME IN”.
The wolf blew down that house. The two
little pigs ran into the house that was made
out of bricks “LET ME IN”.The wolf could not
blow the house down. The wolf got really really
angry and walked off.  The piglets live in the
brick house for ever… until the big bad
wolf came again.

Bye guys thank you for reading and
Remember if you are not smiling you are doing it wrong!
Come back on my blog for next blog post and on the next blog there may be some pictures
Hope you guys are smiling

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  1. Great writing Caitlin. I like your retake on the three little pigs. One bit that I liked was that you named the characters. Well done!