Monday, June 20, 2016

The Snow Storm

Hey guys. Welcome back to another blog post. Lets get started. Here is a story that is made up  

Once upon a time there was a big snow storm .It was so bad that the vets are booked in for the next mouth.So then I wonder how am I going to have my dog fixed for the race in the next mouth.So that brings me to today.So I research lot of things  about how to fix dogs.I grad my bike and started to bike to my unteys house because she use to be a vet her name it Sandy.She had everything for what I need to do.Then I biked home and my mum asks me "what on earth is that" I said "I am going to be a vet" and of course she did not believe me the next night I fixed my dog and he was so happy that he can walk again.But then I forgot what needle was met to use it was a B3 needle that I used but I was met to use A4.I ran to my computer and said does it matter if I use B3 insted of A4 and it said no I was glad.Well my dog is off playing with all of his dog friends well I am getting my first job.They want me to work for dogs and fix them all up I am doing what I LOVE.Now everything that I need to do is done and the vets are not booked in so time for my five hour holiday well that is my break time then back to work.I love my dogs. Now my dog has even have puppys.

Hope you enjoyed my story please comment 

If you are not smiling, you are doing it wrong       

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Learning blog post

Hey guys welcome back to anther blog post. This is my learning blog post. Hope you like this week's one.

Boy on a Bike

WALT ask effective questions

My six effective questions to help me understand the reading:
  1. Who is Mac doing it with?
  2. What is he raising money for?   
  3. Where is he biking to?
  4. When is he doing the next to raise money for?
  5. Why is he going to do it again?
  6. How is he that fit?

If I was to raise money for charity I would raise it for...A Shark foundation (to make them stop cutting off their fins.    
I would do it by running.