Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Horse of the of the year


Hi guys here with another blog post I REALLY hope you like this one  

Last weekend I went to the horse of the year.I helped set up the homes for the house there lifting big poles up and putting them into wire to keep the horse in there pin and it was HOT


This is is one of the horse that were there he's pretty. I LOVE watching the show jumping.

I really hope you like this blog post see you again next time bye 

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This is a baby a baby horse is called a foul

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Monday, April 4, 2016

I proud

Hi guys. Welcome back to another blog post. I hope you really like it 

My Best Learning task

This is my...Camp thank you letter
I am proud of this because..Mr M thinks that I am sincere  with this letter (That means that I mean  it)
My biggest challenge was...Getting all of the info into the letter

Dear Angela

Thank you for all of the spending Rimu hub, I hope you had a good  time. Thank you for all of our dinner. Thank you for taking us down the river and saving  me and friends down the river.

Thank you for being there for me on the up and down parts of  the day.Thank you for taking time off work and having no time with your family. Thank you  for helping us make dessert and keeping us safe around the fire.

Thank you for helping with all Rimu hub daily games. I hope you had a good time with everything you did with Rimu.

Your Sincerely

I am really proud of this