Thursday, February 11, 2016

Who am I?

Hi my name is Caitlin and I am in Rimu hub.I am 10 years of age. My hobbies are sports and hip hop and Parkvale School. I live with 2 people. They are my mum and my brother. Welcome to my blog. I love motor biking and running and I am an out side person.

I have 2 pets. They are a turtle and a cat and I love them. Last week it was the turtle's birthday and he turned 3. I love my cat because it sleeps with me and it gives me good night and good morning kisses and they are wet. 

My favourite song is "I feel better when I am dancing" and I love dancing with my mum. I like my family because they always support me through everything that someone can ask for. I love spending time with my family / Friends    



  1. That is a very nice photo and I love to read this writing. kai pai.

  2. Great job Caitlin!
    I like how yo showed the picture of you and your friends.
    I loved all the great writing!
    Keep up the great work. :)

  3. Nice work Caitlin, This is an awesome post. I love the photo and all the descriptive paragraphs. Keep it up.
    Kai Pai

  4. awesome work Caitlin love the photo.

  5. this is a nice photo and I like the way you explain everything about you well done with your first blog post for 2016

  6. cool Caitlin nice work good explaining this peice of work :-)

  7. AWESOME JOB! I love the way you explained about yourself.
    Your cat and turtle must be adorable!
    Well done on your blog post!

  8. Great job and I think that know-one in our class would know who you are.

  9. wow you must like to play sports and hip hop
    from anika